Manufacturing Capabilities

We have been working with small hand-casters, and job-shops for over 40 years, and we do much of it all under our roof.

Whether it is a resin, metal casting, plastic figure, anything big or small, short run or high volume, we have the experience, resources, and all the right people needed to get your job done.


Custom Resins

Although casting in resin has its limitations, if you are casting a large statue or a bust (samples above are 12-14" tall) this is a very economic way to get a minimum of 25 pcs in a beautiful antique finish without too much of a set-up cost.


Custom Metal

Don't shy away from metal. We don't charge a premium for custom metal jobs. Still die-casting and hand-casting right here in Illinois since 1966, we work directly with foundries, model-makers, and platers to pass savings along to you. Small runs are available. Allied Die Casting is well known in the industry for custom jobs, big and small, but we work for you, if we can get it done cheaper we will, and you will pay less here.