About Us

Mike Albanese, Sr.

Allied Die Casting was founded 1966 by my grandfather, the hardest working man I ever knew, Michael Albanese Sr. He had so much passion for this company and this industry that it was contagious, and everyone who worked by his side couldn't help but work a little harder and a little happier. His Spirit is forever a part of Allied, and is alive and well today in everything we do.

Since My grandfather's time the Awards Industry has changed so much. Metal Figures have for the most part given way to Plastic Figures, and most manufacturing is now done overseas. And while we import many of our own products to remain competitive in certain areas, we still die-cast metal figures right here in McHenry, Illinois where we moved operations to in 1976.

We are in business to help our customers deliver quality cost effective trophies and awards to the end user. We believe it's imperative to deliver great quality at a low cost. Not just quality products but quality service and relationships as well. This is the Spirit of my grandfather at work. We can't help but work a little harder knowing our efforts make our customers and their customers a little happier.

Adam Albanese
VP Marketing & Sales